Why surviving nc???

When my husband and I moved to North Carolina from Maryland nearly 20 years ago, we had no idea how very different life would be for us, living just two states south of home. But different it was, in every way.

Not unlike many transplants to the area, we came here because my parents had retired (to Pinehurst) several years earlier, we thought there were better job opportunities for my husband in the Research Triangle Park, the cost of living was cheaper, the climate was better, and the traffic was less. But I won’t lie. It hasn’t been an easy journey!

I started writing survivingnc.com, a personal blog, in 2014 in an attempt to share my experiences – good, bad, and ugly – in every aspect of life here, from weather, to religion, to the school system, to the people, and more. From being called a yankee early on when the area was just beginning to see the enormous influx of transplants from all points north, to present day, when sometimes it seems there are more transplants than born-and-raised North Carolinians, life here is good, but different.

Now, as I look toward our 20-year anniversary in the south, I hope to continue to provide useful insight to all of the people considering doing what we did so long ago, in the hope that I can make their transition a little bit easier, or at least give them a heads up about what to expect!

– Susan