Another Rainy Day in the Garden


This summer has not been a usual one for North Carolina. Hot, sultry days have been few and far between while the in-betweens have been soggy.  Afternoon thunderstorms, persistent drizzling all-day rain, soaking downpours – you name it, we’ve seen it all.  Gardens, typically struggling in relentless August heat, are currently lush, but also sometimes moldy, mushroom ridden, and mushy. Mildew is growing with vigor on freshly power washed siding, and sidewalks and decks are an insurance claim waiting to happen, ever more slippery with each new bout of rain.

Today, as I am growing weary of dreary, gray skies, repeated sessions of drying the dog’s underside and paws, and coolish weather, I squished around the garden taking photos, a reminder of the good things the wet weather has sown!














Categories: Piedmont Gardener

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