Weather or Not

IMG_1499Perhaps it’s global warming, or maybe just summer in the south, or both, but it’s been one heck of a July and August here in NC.  It’s been hot, which isn’t too unusual – I think we’ve had one or two days that weren’t in the 90’s through all of July and half of August. But humid … holy has it been humid.  Thick, oppressive, can’t stand outside for five minutes without having to go in and change your clothes humid.

So, in honor of the last two days, in which the weather people say the dew points have dropped, the temperature has drifted into the mid eighties, and the air doesn’t feel like someone’s walking along showering you with a thick mist of water as you go, I thought I’d share a picture this morning of my window.  Open.  There’s a breeze.  I can hear things outside my window.  It smells good.  Hooray!

Alas, [sad face] it is only set to last for a few days.  The forecast for the weekend shows the temperatures set to creep back up to the “damned hot” range again.  When they do, I’m quite sure I won’t be celebrating by posting a picture of my closed window.

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