Bullet Journals – or as I like to say “Bullshit” Journals

I recently came across something new (to me) this week – Bullet Journals.  Apparently, this is a thing.  A Pinterest and Instagram thing.  A crazy-ass for people with too much time on their hands thing.

The idea is, in lieu of regular old day planners, you make your own journal, customized to meet your specific needs.  You can use a composition notebook if you’re a rookie, but apparently many people seem to like the fancy moleskin notebooks that are so much better.  Oh, and you need to buy fancy, colorful pens to use in it.

You take your blank notebook and create an index page, so you can find stuff later, and then all of the other pages are totally your design.  They might be a weekly planner, a long term planner, to-do lists, etc.  And you design the layout and decorate them to your liking.

Oh my gosh, really?  Don’t get me wrong – I love my to-do lists, and I actually have been known to use my kids’ leftover composition notebooks from school as personal day planners (only because I can’t stand spending $35 on Franklin Covey refills).  But … who the hell has time to draw all this fancy crap and design your own pages?

I mean, isn’t the idea of a day planner to organize your life so you can get more done in a shorter period of time more efficiently?  How does one accomplish that when you’re spending three hours designing pretty, artistic little pages?  And what if you’re a perfectionist and you screw up the spacing of the layout, or one of the letters?  Do you start over?  I would have to start over!

I can’t live up to this ideal.   When I first heard about it, I thought surely people like, drew the initial design, and then copied it so they could use it multiple times over.  But, no, I see no evidence this is the case.  So, this is like scrapbooking.  I guess the scrapbookers got bored with designing perfect montages of their special moments, decided every day should be a special moment, and are now trying to take over an entire industry that was really just fine before.

The idea of it all just stresses me out!  Pinterest stresses me out.  Scrapbooking REALLY stresses me out.  I can’t even get my pictures backed up and organized on my computer.  They’re all floating around in the cloud somewhere and I got behind in my effort to print them out and get them into albums and now I’m five or six years behind and I don’t know how to save all my pictures of my kids!  At least my mom had them all printed and thrown into a box – not organized, but tangible, real things.  But that was back in the day.  And now someone wants me to BULLET JOURNAL?  Are they CRAZY?


According to a BuzzFeed article, you don’t absolutely have to do all the little drawings and it really doesn’t take that long –   it’s really about just keeping a journal that works for you.  Bullshit.   Like I said, I was already keeping my own planner because, you know, cheapness.  But now that it’s a thing, I can no longer keep my personal planner without thinking it should be better.  Next thing you know, there will be bullet journal parties.  I don’t think Hillary Clinton keeps a bullet journal.  I don’t think Elizabeth Warren does.  Because they have BETTER things to do.

And so do I.  I am off, off to start removing furniture from my dining room and pry trim work off the wall in preparation for our next big project.  Off to finish my Facebook page for my freelance writing endeavor.  Off to finish reorganizing my kids’ rooms.  Off to walk the dog.  Off to place an order for Franklin Covey refills.  NOT off to draw little pictures in my day planner and write my list of all these things to do, that will then stress me out looking at the list, instead of actually checking those things off the list.  Good bye.


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  1. I just heard about BJ… I saw the video. Then I said to myself, ‘This is BS’. Tell me that people don’t fall for this crap. So I searched for ‘Bullet Journal Bullshit’, and I’m glad there are others that think the same !

    But Franklin Covey refills? Really?? That’s FC … I’ll let you expand that 🙂


  2. You are right! I first heard of Bullet Journals when they were essential, no-nonsense, cheap planners (if you look up the original version you’ll see what I mean). The basic idea is that you can customize them to your needs, but making them a cute, uber-decorated waste of time is bullshit indeed (and the reason why I, too, looked up bullet journal b*).


  3. Keep in mind I’m neither for nor against bullet journaling as a whole. If it works for you, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t waste your time. But keep in mind: any form of journaling is done for the writer. If someone finds that doodling flowers boosts their mood and improves their chances of accomplishing their goals, more power to them. For many people the purpose of personalization is to reduce stress, and it helps a lot of people actually manage their time better. The type of bullet journaling I have seen to be most effective if for those with mental health disorders, and in those cases it can literally be a life saver.
    All I’m trying to say is that for individual people it may be bullshit, but an entire method of organization isn’t bullshit because it stresses you out.



  1. My Bullet Journal Experience - Mariana McDougall

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