Snow Days

img_2394Well, it’s happened.  The first big snow event of 2017 and it came earlier than usual for central North Carolina.

It was marked by all the usual hype.  The forecast for possible winter weather began on Monday and dragged out all week with the local meteorologists laying out, in painful detail, all of the possibilities so no matter what happened, they could say they weren’t entirely wrong.  Local businesses placed orders for sleds and snow shovels and posted to social media when their shipments were coming in, guaranteeing long lines of people driven to a panicked frenzy to secure a vehicle for winter fun.

Grocery stores were packed and bread and milk aisles were emptied, as was chronicled on Facebook.  Students and the local school system traded sassy barbs back and forth on Twitter about whether school would or should be dismissed early.  Local stores sold out of their stock of snow gloves and winter weather attire.  Wake Forest Buy Sell Trade was rife with postings of people selling snow boots in Excellent Used Condition, and people argued about whether it was, or was not, okay to sled on the local golf course.

And here I am, on the Sunday morning after the Friday night, early Saturday morning sleet, late Saturday morning snow, fighting a miserable cold with the rest of the family, feeling a bit ill from too many dark chocolate chip cookies, and wondering if the roads are safe for travel as I am now out of brown sugar and eggs.  (How did I not properly plan for that?)

Thus is winter weather in North Carolina, for all of you potential transplants thinking about moving here.  If you’re from up north, you will laugh at the southerners, for whom an inch of snow is life altering.  You will marvel at how schools could be shut down for half a week and wonder why they don’t just invest in a few snow plows and some salt.  If you’re a southerner, you’ll complain about the damned Yankees that think they can drive in any conditions and how they cause more problems than not when they venture out on what northerners expect to be cleared roads.

If you’re born and raised here, or if you’re not, but have lived here for any reasonable length of time, you’ve hopefully learned to ignore social media and stay away from any local news channels, keep your car tucked away in your garage, and just throw on the best winter gear you can cobble together out of the depths of your closet.  You’ll go outside and find an icy hill relatively suitable for sledding, and maybe make some snow cream at some point, being careful to avoid the yellow snow.  You will figure out plans for your kids for the next four days, because you know school will be cancelled for at least that long.  And you will just. deal. with. it. because in a week, it is forecast to be 69 degrees and sunny.




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