Fall and Teeth and the Festive Season

It is fall in central North Carolina. Late October. Autumn.

The NC State Fair – a bastion of fried food, rickety rides, elbow-to-elbow crowds, and demolition derbys.

For this area, that means temperatures may seesaw from the mid-80’s and humid one day, to mid-60’s and dry the next. It is time to aerate and seed the entire lawn, because unless you have a small yard and a sprinkler system, the fescue likely died back in July.  A few leaves have dropped, but for the most part the trees are still solid green and will be until mid November. The State Fair is in its waning days, and Halloween decorations are out in full force. It is, as my daughter’s like to refer to it, the beginning of the “festive season.” A note: I have managed to avoid the State Fair (which is a huge, huge, did I say huge? deal here) so far, but I won’t get out of it entirely. Seems our school entered my kid’s artwork into competition again this year and I’m being guilted into going to see it in person.

It’s come to my attention that we’re almost at the nine week mark of school for those kids on the traditional calendar schedule. My older daughter who has, until this year, been accustomed to three week breaks every two months, is starting to show signs of ennui and I foresee that it is going to be difficult with a capital “D” to keep her going. Were it not for this silly experiment we’ve been subjected to for the first 9 years of school called year-round, it would not be an issue, but alas. We are all adjusting. No end in sight to 6 a.m. mornings – boo.

Yesterday, my younger kid had surgery to remove four permanent teeth, one of which was impacted.  This hopefully marks the last tooth extraction for a while.  She’s now had eight baby teeth pulled – four with novocaine only (traumatic), four with laughing gas (ineffective and traumatic), and yesterday’s four permanent teeth (complete sedation and traumatic for the parents only). Given her personality, I’d have thought she’d had a big enough mouth to fit all of those teeth, but apparently not. Braces come next, but I’ll be waiting another month or so, maybe two. Oral surgery ain’t cheap folks, even with dental insurance, and most orthodontists also want a big up-front payment on braces. A shout out to Dr. Neshat and NuImage oral surgery in Wake Forest and Raleigh though – they’re a fantastic practice and I highly recommend them.

Today I will be writing – LinkedIn summaries and short stories and long stories and, of course, blog posts. And looking for opportunities to drum up business. I’ve dispensed with my gig at the local paper. It served a purpose but writing takes time and time is limited. Basic economics dictates I’ll only spend time on jobs that compensate fairly and on time. I just have to find some more. Some fall into your lap – I recently had an assignment from a Swedish ad agency to cover the grand opening of their client’s North American headquarters, which was unexpected but welcome – and some you have to work for.

I will also be trying to get my mind wrapped around the upcoming months, which will be busy with a little travel (teaser: a painting of a serene lady, a historic cathedral by the water, a famous tower), parties, food, secrets, holiday concerts, maybe the Biltmore at Christmas, and more. I will take a deep breath and enjoy things day by day, make the holidays as fun as possible for my family, and appreciate. I will not complain about the end of daylight savings time – I will embrace the extra hour of sleep and it being light out at 6 a.m. in the morning. I will buy cinnamon candles and make pumpkin pies, and start running again now that the temperature has dropped to a reasonable level.   Okay, okay, let’s back up on that last part because, you know, running.

Even I have to admit that, overall, this is a good time of year to be living in North Carolina. (Denver has had snow already, just sayin’). Happy fall y’all.





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